30 Burgundy Nail Designs You Must Try This Fall

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

As soon as the first leaf falls, we can’t really help but to scramble and buy almost anything orange colored, brew up some pumpkin tea or basically do anything fall related. İt’s the same thing we do for nails. We look up the trendiest designs and colors that suits the season, and what color screams fall more than this sultry burgundy shade. 

To help you make your choice, here are 30 Burgundy Nail Designs You Must Try This Fall. 

Burgundy Nails with Polka Dots

This is a burgundy nail design that screams classy and sassy. With the lone accent nail adorned with polka dots, it’s for sure going to be your lucky day!


Gold Embellished Burgundy Nail Design

Now, here we have nails that can make you say oomph even on the first glance. With it having gold and crystals all over it, it’s a look fit for a princess.


Ombre Burgundy

For this super classy nail design, paint the nails with a lighter shade of burgundy on the top part and gradually incorporate a darker burgundy throughout the nail. This will look better on a relatively long nail but who are we kidding, it’s still going to look good on a short length nail. You can also reverse the order of the burgundy hues and it will still end up being a showstopper.


Diagonal Glitters and Burgundy 

This burgundy nail design is rather minimalistic yet still stunning. Paint all your nails with a gorgeous shade of burgundy and after that, grab a glitter polish and put it in the accent nail but in a diagonal manner, not really continuing to the end of the nail. Perfect for any daytime or nighttime activity.


Matte Burgundy with Glossy Tips

This is for sure a look that will make you stand out from the crowd. The combination of these two textures is just a mighty creation. Plus, the placement of the glossy tips is indeed elevating the look.


Cherry Burgundy

This look will need a dark shade of burgundy along with some freehand skills. Paint your nails that shade of burgundy except the ring and middle finger, as we’re going to make that our accent nails. Freehand paint the accent nails with a rather charming cherry design. 


Plain Glossy Burgundy

For there’s no such thing as too much gloss and shine, don’t we think?


Burgundy Tips

A gorgeous take on the French tip rave, only paint the middle and ring finger with burgundy French tips. Paint the rest of the nails with burgundy and you’re good to go!


Daisy Burgundy Nail Design on Short Nails

İf you’re one of the women who prefer short nails yet still want to be a little bit extra, this look is for you. Paint the ring finger with this simple daisy design and you’re all set!


Diagonal Tip with Design

Adorn your nails with this cool diagonal burgundy design, add a silver leaflet accent through all of it and you’ll be one of a kind. 


Burgundy with Gold Outline

This one is for the minimalist souls who appreciates an understated yet classy design.


Burgundy Nails with Swirls

Do you want to add swirls to your manicure? This traditional white and burgundy manicure design will serve the look.


Gold Chain Burgundy

With a distinctive manicure design like this, you can take your burgundy nails to the next level.


Burgundy with Heart Design

A very minimalist look that can make everyone adore you with a cute little heart accent nail.


Ladybug-İnspired Burgundy Nail Design

We kid you not, this look is indeed a very adorable and eye-catching with the stunning color combination of black and burgundy.


Half and Half Burgundy Accent Nails

The half and half accent nail really elevate the look to a whole new level.


Matte Burgundy Nails

The matte texture may mute this dark burgundy shade, but we can all say it contributes to add class to the whole look.


Glittery Burgundy on Short Nails

Do you have short nails but still want the glitz and glam burgundy design? Take a close look at this look and apply it immediately on your nails!


Burgundy Curved Tips

Curved French tips are all the rage right now. You’ll be able to nail the style by incorporating burgundy into your manicure. Look closely at the sliver of glitter that shows through.


Burgundy Drip Nail Design

A take on the white and burgundy color combo, this drip design is for all the bold and adventurous women out there!


Pointed Burgundy Gel Nails

The burgundy trend is well portrayed in this pointed nail design. Among all the matte nails, the lone glossy accent nail stands out.


Burgundy Nail with Silver Accents

We all heard about burgundy and gold color combo, but have you taken a look on the burgundy and silver combination? When incorporated onto nails, this is a look for the women who’s into a classy yet sexy vibe.


Nude and Burgundy Nail

Here we have another color combination that we need to use more often. More so, in this particular nail design you can see the array of different nail designs that just makes the whole look a lot better.


Halo Burgundy Nails

A very hypnotizing nail look is what we have here. Peek at the color combination and it will definitely turn your head spinning.


Burgundy Nails with Leopard Design Accent

Who are we to say no to burgundy, glitter and leopard print combination?


Burgundy Hearts with Swirls

Hearts and swirls are enough to make our heart resonate. Add the burgundy to the look and it will take us to another dimension!


Burgundy and Red Nails

A classic color combination, this is a look that’s suitable for women of all ages!


Burgundy with Gold Year Outline

İs your birthday in the fall season? Then you should really try this look. Put your birthyear across the nails and the burgundy will do the rest!


V French Burgundy Nails

This look is an absolutely stunning take on the trendy modern French tips trend.


Glittery Burgundy with Swirls

Swirls plus burgundy? Good. Plus glitter? Better.


Let us know which one of these looks are you going to try for this fall season!