30 Cool Graduation Nail Ideas

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Are you seeking for graduation nail art inspiration and ideas? There’s no need to explore any farther; this article is for you. We put up this fantastic collection of graduation nail ideas that we know you’ll adore.

On graduation day, all you need is a terrific hairdo, great shoes, and a great manicure. There will be a ton of pictures that day so the nails must look good! 

Here are 30 Cool Graduation Nail Ideas to consider just as you prepare for your graduation.

Red Nails with Hearts

This nail look is a take on the classic French Nail trend, just upgraded by using glittery red tips and heart cut outs that evokes a very cute vibe. Wear this on your graduation day and be the highest rank in the nail subject!


White French Nails

This white French nail design has flower accents, rhinestones, glitter all over on a white French nail base. With all of these elegant touches, a look like this is incredibly perfect for the day you get your diploma!


Graduation Nails with Green Stones

May it be graduation, prom, a wedding or any event at hand, colored rhinestones is never in absence! Try this nail design with a light colored base and then ravish the nails with brightly colored green rhinestones all over!


Classic Oval White Graduation Nails

If you can’t seem to make up your mind on what nail design to wear on your special graduation day, then look no further. Don’t shy away from this ultra-classic elegant oval French nail look. You can use any color for the tips but to go for the demure, elegant style, go for white!


Black Graduation Nails

İf you’re one of the students who aren’t into the light-colored nails trend, this look is for you. Adorn your nails with matte black as base and style them with sparkling rhinestones. This is such an eye-catching look in graduation indeed!


Oval Pearly Nails

This look is perfect for a sweet pearl like you who is graduating! Embed your white-tipped nails with pearls for an elevated look!


Blue Graduation Nails

This is just the pop of color that everyone needs! Be bold and adventurous and try out this nail design adorned with blue glitter and a couple stones here and there!


Pastel Graduation Nails

Be the belle of your graduation event with these nails! You’ll never go wrong with pastel pink, green and white. İt looks impossibly sweet and stunning!


Square Graduation Nails with Pearls and Flowers

İf you’re one sucker for square nails, then don’t bother because we have a look that you can wear even on graduation! You can spice up this square nail design by adorning it with flowers and pearls throughout!


Teal and Nude Glitter Short Graduation Nails

This look is for all ladies with short nails out there! Who says you can’t glam up in your graduation day with short nails? We thought otherwise and present you with this teal and nude glitter nail design! İt fits well with the whole vibe of the event and you can rock it with your short nails! 


Baby Blue and White Grad Nails

This look needs a wee bit of freehand linework but if you’re up for it then it’s all worth it! Create some magnificent white lines along blue abstract shapes all over a nude base and rock it with sass!


Black and Nude Swirly Graduation Nails

Want a nude mani but don’t want it to be too plain? Try out this nail design! Paint your nails with a nude base and paint abstract lines all over it! The combination of black, vanilla and chrome lines really elevates the whole look!


Starry Nails

Why look up to the sky when you can just look on your nails and see the same starry output? This stiletto-shaped starry nail design is perfect to wear on your graduation day- or in fact, just any day you want!


Diagonal Nude and White Nail Design

This nail design gives such exquisite vibes which are perfect to wear on your graduation day. Aside from the diagonal nude and white, take a peek at the subtle gold glitter that outlines them. Such a spectacle!


Multicolored Dotted Nails

İf you’re looking for a nail design that evokes fun and quirky vibes, then this look is for you. Aside from the attractive array of colors, the dotted lines also add a cool effect on the look. This is also a look you can make easily at home, so that’s a plus!


Pistachio Green Nails

Everyone who takes a glance at these nails will for sure crave pistachio ice cream right away! This short nail design might seem simple but nevertheless it’s a look you need to not skip for your graduation!


Butterfly Pink Grad Nails

Don’t you agree with us when we say this is one of the prettiest graduation nails ever? The vibe it gives is so charming and immaculate! İf you’ll wear this to graduation, prepare to be the talk of the event. Butterflies, flowers, pearls and pink- what more could you ever ask for?  


Floral Graduation Nails

While spring is just around the corner, bring it on your own graduation by rocking these very adorable nails! 


Pink Square Graduation Nails

This pink to white ombre nail design is a glamorous yet simple look to wear for your graduation day. Add a few rhinestones on the base for the extra spice!


Nude Graduation Nails with Glitter

A stiletto-shaped nail design such as this is incredibly perfect to wear for any event at hand- more so for your special graduation day! İt gives a luxurious vibe to it also!


School-and-Date Nails

Go all out and let everyone know about your special day by wearing your nails like this! Simply assign one letter on each nail for the school initials and one number each nail for the year you graduate. Such a bold and quirky look it is!


Graduation Nails with Orange Tones

Go hot and fiery with these nails! This will really put you in the mood to celebrate your special day. The orange tones give such a splendid aesthetic to it!


Gold Flakes Grad Nails 

This is the perfect image of a simple yet elegant nail design look that is a must-do for graduation. The gold flakes scattered just makes the look a whole lot more stunning!


Rebel Vibes Grad Nails 

You might be a rebel all throughout your school years, and we’re here to say you can bring that aesthetic even on your graduation day! A rebel but hey, you got the job done so kudos to you!


Yellow Grad Nails

Wear this nail design and no doubt you’ll be the graduation day sunshine! The mood that the yellow color emits is so magical and stunning! 


Lilac Nails

This soft and sweet lilac nail design is a great mani to wear on graduation day! İt’s really perfect with all of its flowers, swirls and stone accents! 


Graduation Cap Nails

What other symbol of graduation is there except for this cool graduation cap? This manicure is one great way to do a graduation cap design!


Course Nails

A nail design that says what course you graduated like this is a nice little pat on the back to yourself. You might be a Juris Doctor like this one, or whatever course you graduated yet you’ll still evoke the same gorgeous nail vibes!


Graduation Year Nails

This is a cute and charming way to add your graduation year to your manicure. So cool and fun!


School Colors Nails

Consider using your school colors to create this elaborate manicure design. It’ll be lively and will coordinate with your graduation gown!


We hope you’ve discovered the perfect graduation nail designs at the end of this article. Don’t forget to let us know which nail design you’ll wear!