30 Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Prepare your nails for the St. Patrick’s Day party you’ll be attending this year — or even if you’ll be celebrating at home. The Festive colors of greens and golds are stunning. From any other holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day nails can be a little more difficult than you might think. You want to be cheery and quirky, so you bring out the green polish you haven’t worn in a while, but you don’t want to seem like an actual leprechaun.

Pick some green nail polish and go all out with little shamrocks or brilliant rainbow decals or keep it simple by painting each of your nails a different green color. Either way we’re sure it’s going to look spectacular!

Take a look at the 30 Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas featured in this article. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

Unique St. Patrick’s Day Nails

You can’t decide which design you prefer? Make your own set with a variety of green-colored styles. The beauty of this nail look is there’s a different design on every nail. And that what makes it unique and very appealing to the eyes!


Swirly Green Nails

Take a gander at this manicure if you want some festive nails that won’t make you feel goofy on St. Patrick’s Day. The modest forest green complements the Holiday season without becoming overbearing. The addition of a little gold accent completes the look!


Olive Green Glitter Nails

For a luxurious yet simple St. Patrick’s Day nail look, a combination of subtle olive green and sparkly accent is a perfect option. We just can’t get enough of the glitter and we know, so do you!


Neon and Rainbows

You would not go astray with a rainbow set to symbolize the famous St. Patrick’s Day sign, especially when it features the ROYGBIV rainbow hues. Add in the brilliant neon green nails and you’re set to steal the show!


Long Square Flower Frenchies

With gold embellishments, white flowers, and a subdued green on a long French style manicure, go all out for the holiday with this statement-making combination.


Glitter and Rhinestone

What more perfect time to whip out your precious rhinestones than St. Patrick’s Day? This gorgeous combination of green glitters and rhinestones is the perfect combo to wear at a St. Patrick’s Day party!


Clover Nails

What could be more stunning than a white and green set? Consider yourself very lucky if you add a green clover for a pleasant accent.


Light Green Glitter Nails

A light green glitter nail style is the way to go if you’re a minimalist who yet wants to get into the St. Patrick Holiday spirit.


Gold, White and Green Nails 

The combination of the gold, white, green and clover just screams something spectacular and is very pleasing to the eyes. This nail look is definitely one to wear on St. Patrick’s Holiday. Wear this with a cute dress and you’re all set!


Green Animal Print Nails

An animal print for a holiday manicure? Who says that’s impossible! This look is for the bold women who would like to show their adventurous character while still adhering to the holiday theme!


Green Multichromatic Nails

This green-chrome combo is one of the greatest nail-art trends of all time, and it’s the perfect complement to your festive ensemble. The color shift as it hits the light is for sure a spectacle we would like to gape at!


Ombre Clovers

Sticking on some lovely clover stickers to your nails is the simplest way to add a seasonal accent. It’s simple to make, effortlessly cute, and most importantly, it stays true to the Holiday theme! The ombre green accent manicure is attempting to take the spotlight from the clovers, and we’re all for it!


Holographic Green and White Nails

Another take on this classic color combination, this nail look is even upgraded with the addition of holographic flakes on top to put the look altogether. Perfect for this joyous holiday!


Multiple Shades of Green Nails

If you can’t decide which shade of green to wear, why not try on all of them? These ombre nails are easy and simple, and they’re also really lively and fashionable.


Long Ombre Glitter Nails

This is a nail look that’s not only perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but also perfect for any other day all-year round. The length of the nails just accentuates and helps the glitter ombre pop out more. İf you want a look that you can wear even after the holiday, this style is perfect for you!


Half-and-half Green Nail Design

This is a brilliant way to incorporate more greens into your look! No, I’m not referring to vegetables. It’s really impressive to paint the nails in various colors of green. You can choose any two colors you like and that’s it!


Green Polka Dots Nails

Polka dots are a lot of craic (fun in Irish). This looks wonderful with this gorgeous shade of green, and the little polka dots with a gold nail accent add a nice finishing touch.


Fluid Art Green Nails

The fluid art design is ultra-elegant, featuring dark and vibrant green, black, and gold. It’s also another reason to get a manicure that won’t have to be taken right after the holidays. Cost-effective, if you’d like to call it!


Green Plaid Nails

On one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year, dull nails? As if! Cher Horowitz from Clueless would look great with these plaid nails, which include a heart-turned-clover accent thumb. 


Green and Pink Checkerboard Mani

This nail design is such an all-year rounder and not just for the holiday. İt almost evokes a watermelon vibe to it and we are obsessed!


Gold and Green Nails

Add green mini clovers all over a gold base along with a gold topcoat to your nail look, and you’ll have the perfect St. Patrick’s Day nails. 


Geometrical Green Nail Design

A daring and bold nail design for a daring and bold woman is what we have here before you. Please the eyes with stunning geometrical lines all throughout the nails with varying lines and shades of green.


Minimal Clover Nail Look

This basic combination with a clover sticker and a dash of shine is a perfect example of what less is more means. This is for the women who just like a dainty, subtle yet attractive nail look to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.


Outlined Sparkly Tips

If you’re not a fan of a lot of color, just paint the tips. Apply gold flakes to the accent nail over a green base for a unique look. Don’t forget the outlined tips the same gold accent for a festive ensemble!


Dark Green Gradient Nails

This lovely manicure may be worn before, through, and after the holidays. This is another wonderful option for individuals who want to make their nails more lasting, since it combines green tones with glitter.


Feeling Lucky Nails

There’s a lot going on here, exactly like the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. You won’t be disappointed with these nails, even if you’re genuinely Irish or just love the color green. Plaid, gold, and all!


Matte Green, Black and Gold Nails

Keep the black and green trend going with your nails. Add gold embellishments to your set for added pizzazz. Make your nails on trend with this gold foil-accented manicure design since matte nails are all the rave right now.


Shamrock on Gold and Green Nails

Putting shamrocks on a gold base looks elegant and makes a bold statement. Depending on your preferences, you can paint all of your nails in this manner or just one.


Rainbows and Green Nails

The rainbow is the true showstopper with these nails. You may either buy a rainbow nail decal or try freehand painting and make it yourself. The golden stamps also adds a little oomph to the whole ensemble!


Minimal Brushed Gold and Clover

This holiday, a feature nail in brushed gold with a golden nail and a clover is the ideal approach to get your luck gleaming. If you don’t like gold, you may simply replace it out for a new color. However, if you want a more refined vibe, keep it at that!


And that’s it for the end of our article. We hope you got enough inspiration for your St. Patrick’s Day Nails. Let us know which one of these designs would you wear!