30 Cow Print Nail Designs You Will Immediately Fall In Love With

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Cow print is a design that can be incorporated into clothing, accessories, nail designs and even makeup. This is a unique type of design that can give a fun and creative vibe. Here are 30 cow print nails for you to try out if you want to look unique.

Almond Cow Print with Light Blue

Just like in this example, cow print with a light blue combination can look really nice.


Long Square Nails with Cow Print

Here is a great example of cow print nails on long square fingernails, along with flower designs.


Short Almond Cow Print Nails

If you want to keep your nails short but want to have a cool design on them, try this one out.


Cow Print 1.5

Long square nails can be adorned with a beautiful touch of cow print.


French Tip Variety

Cow print and French tip can work really well together. And here is a combination of different designs with French tip technique.


White and Pink Cow Print

This color combination with cow print can be amazing on long nails.


Cow Print Mix

Here is a mix of different designs on each fingernail, with cow print.


Jet Black with Cow Print

You can see an impressive mixture of jet black with cow print in this example.


Blue Cow Print on Long Square Nails

Long and square nails provide a great opportunity to use a unique design like this.


Accent Nail Cow Print

When you want a simple yet good-looking design, you can go with this one.


Pastel Cow Print

This design incorporates French tip technique with a cow print design and a pastel color.


Extra Long Cow Print

While extra long nails may require extra work, with this design they can look just perfect.


Blue, Black and Cow Print

Cow print nails can look wonderful when combined with other colors such as blue or black.


Orange and Cow Print French Tips

Orange can offer a striking contrast to cow print on French tip nails.


Brown Almond Cow Print

Aside from black and white, cow print nails can look great with a color like brown, too.


Varying Colors Cow Print Nails

Cow print nails can be designed with varying colors for each fingernail.


Cow Print with 3D Flowers

A flower design can be a good addition to cow print nails.


Cow Print with Green

Green is another beautiful color that can be combined with cow print.


Black French Tips and Cow Print

Cow print is a versatile design for fingernails that can be used with creative designs like this one.


Unique Colorful Cow Print Combo

Another unique design with a combination of different colors.


Blue Cow Print French Tips

This cow print design with blue can be great for spring and summer.


Glittery Cow Print

Here is a cow print design that incorporates glitter and looks shiny.


Green and Cow Print

Another great design that combines cow print nails with green.


Unique Colorful Cow Print Design

If you want a unique nail design with cow print, you can try out this one.


Round French Tip Cow Print

French tip with cow print can look beautiful on round fingernails.

Accent Cow Print with Blue

Blue is a great color to combine with cow print, especially in designs like this one.


Pink and Cow Print

Another wonderful color to combine with cow print is pink, as seen in this design.


Cow Print with Lilac

Here is a beautiful combination of cow print nails with lilac.


Pink Nails and Cow Print

If you want a unique combination of pink and cow print nails, here is a great example for you.


Colorful Cow Print

An amazing design that incorporates cow print designs with different colors.


Final Words

Cow print nails can be quite varied and gorgeous. Here we have shared thirty wonderful examples of how cow print design can work incredibly well on nails. If you want to reflect your creative side on your fingernail design, you can try out these choices yourself.