30 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Are you planning a romantic night out? Remember to include your nails in your to-do list! These fun and flirtatious manicures have something for everyone, whether you’re an expert at-home manicurist or a newbie at decorating your own nails.

You can go delicate and discreet with just a hint of seasonal flare, or you can go all out, as with any Christmas nail art designs. We’ve picked together the best Valentine’s Day nail designs to give inspiration on your next visit to the salon or maybe for an at-home manicure. Here we have 30 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs for you to take a look at!

Baby Blue French and Rhinestone Nail Design

Add some spice to your blue French nail manicure by adorning it with gorgeous sparkling rhinestones. This is a look you’d really want on your special Valentine’s Day!


Soft Pink Nail Design

This soft and subtle look is not one to skip when looking for Valentine’s Day nail ideas. This will emphasize your outfit and makeup and adds a loveable vibe to your whole ensemble.


Royal Blue Marble Valentine Nail Design

Be prepared to stun your partner with this ever so stunning blue marble nail design. One glance upon this and this will send your loved one to the skies! 


Pink French Outline Valentine’s Day Nail Look

This bomb nail design will definitely up your whole Valentine’s Day look! The added pompoms surely contribute to the chicness and playfulness of the look. 

Hearts and Nude Nail Design

Why settle for a uniform nail look when you can add a little bit of just about everything? Just take a look on this look and peek at the crisscross designs on different base colors, the subtle nude marble design and of course the thing of the hour, the cute little hearts!


Pastel Ombre Nails

It’s just too short of a life to have dull nails. Even in the simplest white outfit, your look will be terrific, eye-catching, and utterly trendy with these nails. Even more so with the addition of a sunflower nail accent!


Classic White Square French Nails

Opt for this classic and timeless white French nail design for your Valentine’s Day look. This would look good with any outfit you have in mind. Classic yet gorgeous!


French Nail with Hearts

This look is another take on the undying French nail trend. Adopt the look for your special Valentine’s Day event by adding adorable hearts all over!


Colorful V-tip Nail Design

These V-tip colorful neon nails make a statement on Valentine’s Day! This will really elevate your look and compliment your Valentine’s Day outfit!


Pink to White Ombre

This soft pink ombre is sweet and sophisticated, and you can wear it for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year! Elevate the nail look by adding shimmers and glitters overall the nails for a perfect mani!


Sweet Pink Nails

Why choose just one design when you can have several? These bubblegum pink nails are designed with stripes, polka dots, and gloss for a playful aesthetic. 


Pink and Blue Glittery Nails with Rhinestones

This pastel wonderland combination is perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration. You’ll love this sparkly glitter polish specially on shorter nails. This statement-making mani is perfect for you!


Long White Glitter Nails

This snow-white look will carry you throughout the your special hearts day! Adorn this simple white manicure with some nail art and glitter for an out-of-this-world look!


Purple Ombre Nails

This sophisticated purple ombre nail design is just ultimately striking on its own! Paint the accent nail with some glitter and you’re all set for your special day!


Teal Valentine’s Day Nails

More than just a pop color, this teal nail look is the main topic itself! Be ready to turn some heads as you grace your Valentine’s Day look along these nails!


3D Flowers Nail Design

The realistic flowers on this nail design just makes the whole look a beau! Also, the array of colors on the design itself is ultimately gorgeous and eye-catching!


Black and White Coffin Nails

İf you are not into the sweet vibes on nails, then try this black and white coffin-shaped nails. Pair this with bold makeup and you’ll be the uniquely stunning standout on Valentine’s Day!


Short Pink Nails with Glitter

The combination of pink, white and gold in this look is ultimately a spectacle to gaze upon. This look will for sure look good together with your Valentine’s Day outfit vibes.


Silver and Green Nails

Be glamorous and classy on Valentine’s Day with this nail look. The glimmer and shine this look gives will for sure blind someone with just one look! 


Hot Pink Nail Design

This look gives such sweet but sassy vibes. The addition of flower accents on light pink base colors also adds additional spice to the whole look!


Long Unicorn Nails

Where do we even start with this manicure before us? This utterly glamorous unicorn nails have adorned gold accents to them such as hearts and butterflies. This will just turn heads on a crowd!


Nude Nails with Stones

These nude nails with red tips evoke such a demure and classy vibe which is perfect for your special Valentine’s Day look.


Reds, Hearts, and Glitter Nails

Go for a flirtatious style this Valentine’s Day! With hearts, pearls, and glitter, these nails have it all!


Swirly Red Nails

This style is perfect for a romantic date night. With swirly red nail art all over them, the classic white nails now have a playful aspect to them. 


Cool Blue Jewelry Nails

Consider this design to be nail jewelry! Glittery lines and silver bands that resemble rings complement the modest blue and white combination.


Chic Black Hearts Nail Design

Is pink not your thing? Use silver nail color but add some black hearts and polka dots to make the look more appealing. 


Pink Hearts Nail Design

The typical Valentine’s Day look as we all know is these red hearts on pink nails. Rock this on Valentine’s and it will compliment your outfit gorgeously!


Black and Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Get the best of both worlds on Valentine’s Day by combining black and pink colors! Paint an array of hearts over the light pink base for a chic yet exquisite nail design!


Sweet Red İllustration Nail Design

This fun manicure is extra festive with an illustrated super-sweet cartoon couple with hearts. This look is especially perfect on Valentine’s Day!


Pastel Animal Print Valentine’s Day Nail Look

Who said you can’t rock chic animal print on your special Hearts Day? Adapt the design by putting it over a bed of pastel base color and you’re good to go for your V-Day celebration!


Let us know which one gives you the most inspiration from all these looks. Don’t forget to give us an update as to what you would wear on your Valentine’s Day date night!