30 Oval Nail Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Manicure

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

At this day and age where trends last only for a short period of time, we’ll assure you that the oval nail trend is going to stay for a while. There are a lot of reasons why you should sport this nail shape. First and the most important, they are one of the classic nail trends. They are also simple, stylish, and attractive. A multitude of surfaces, styles, and patterns can be used to enhance your oval manicure. There is something for everyone, from light and stylish colors to dramatic and statement-making art.

Let’s look at some new and inspirational nail art ideas that look well on oval nails. These 30 Oval Nail Designs Will Inspire Your Next Manicure.

Nude Oval Nails

Among one of the classic nail designs, this nude manicure on oval nails will never go outdated. Add glitters and your mani is onto the next level!


Rose Pink Oval Nails

This nail design can be sported by women of all ages. The lush of the bright rosy pink adds a very youthful touch to the look and of course, you can’t go wrong on glitters! Apply glitters on the accent nails and you are set to go!


Black Oval Nails

Don’t let the color intimidate you at all! Despite what most people would say, black color can look good and classy especially on these perfectly shaped oval nails. The addition of rhinestones and glitter is just a huge plus to the overall look.


White Oval Nails

This manicure is perfect for all environments and day-to-night events. This is definitely a look you can wear whatever the occasion is. The white nail art on top of the nude base is just heavenly!


Diagonal Tipped Oval Nails

The combination of the wide array of colors on diagonal tips is such an eye-catching look. Also, don’t forget to take a peek on the gold glitter outlines!


Multicolored Long Oval Nails

Here we have another multicolored manicure but this time, it’s embellished the French tip way but in such manner that it gives the illusion of being half the nails are colored. İt’s such a fun and outgoing nail design that is perfect on oval nails!


Elegant Oval Nails

Nude nails and rhinestones on oval nails just exude elegance! And what better manicure to wear than this one, right?


Minimalist Oval Nail Design

Cute dots are the latest nail trend as of now. But for a minimalist take, use monochromatic colors and apply the velvet dots on just the accent nails. For sure this manicure will make you crave for a cookies and cream flavored ice cream!


Greyscale Oval Nail Design

This monotoned nail design just uses two colors but alludes class and confidence overall. This is for sure a manicure you wouldn’t want to skip. 


Work-friendly Oval Nails

When it comes to a formal work style, vivid colors and patterns should be prevented. Pastel colors will look fantastic. Also, a nail design such as this one is very workplace appropriate.


Hot Pink Oval Nails

This manicure is as hot as they go. İt’s a very fun look and the pop of color is very popular for young women nowadays.


Cool Black and White Nail Design

Who knew black color, glitter, and animal print would look cool together?


Red and Gold Oval Nails

This look is very sassy and classy at the same time. İt screams imperial vibes which we all absolutely adore.


Patterned Oval Nail Design

The pattern on this manicure just spices up the overall look. Tritones plus gold foils? Elegance. 


Unique Oval Nail Design

This nail design is just fun to look at because there are different designs on every nail and that’s what makes it a very unique look. Animal prints and bright colors just do it for the look!


Pink and Floral Oval Nails

This nail design makes you think of spring in just one glance. This look is very demure and perfect if you are looking for a very youthful nail design.


Emoticon Oval Nail Design

A very trendy and youthful way to wear your oval nails is with this emoticon nail design. İt appeals to everyone of any age and is never not going to look stunning!


Glitter Nail Design For Oval Nails

Even for the most basic oval nail designs, the look may be elevated to a whole new level with the addition of rhinestones and glitter. Dazzling accents can completely transform your nail look.


Black, White and Gold Nail Design

Black and white is a stunning color combination, and a dash of gold will elevate your entire look to the next level. 


French Tip Nail Design for Oval Nails

The French nail design is a timeless classic that is constantly reinterpreted. This look blends a typical nude base with a really brilliant red tip, a fully colored red pinky, and a rose detail on the thumb to create a simple yet absolutely lovely look.


Matte Chocolate Oval Nails

This short manicure is so simple yet so stunning. Paint your nails with chocolate brown all over. İf you want, you can add a white nail art for the accent nail. And to top it all off, mattify the whole look with a matte top coat or use a brown colored matte finish nail polish.


Pastel Oval Nail Design

This pastel nail look will never go out of style! İt’s such a very outgoing and fun look and is suitable for women of all ages!


Burgundy Oval Nails

It’s a cute oval nail art design. You can rock this look by painting your nails burgundy and adding some glitter to the accent nails.


Half and Half Oval Nail Design

This look is a party on its own! The combination of the soft, pastel colors and the half-and-half design just occupies the nails with much more room for the sweet colors to go through!


Gold Foil Nail Design for Oval Nails

You would never go wrong with this look. With the classic crystal white as base, sprinkle over gold foils on the nails. This is perfect for occasions and events where it needs a certain dress code.


Ombre Oval Nails

Here we have a take on the ever-classic ombre trend. The oval is one of the most attractive natural nail shapes. Try this ombre black and pink nail design that would go wit this shape so well.


Half Hearts Nail Design

This is a lovely and feminine nail art idea. Half red hearts stand out against a simple nude background. With this manicure, you’ll be channeling Red Queen vibes, and it’s simple to make at home.


Galaxy Nail Design

Go and reach for the stars with this manicure! Paint your nails with a dark space color all over and then freehand draw constellations and stars above it with a white nail color.


Marble Oval Nail Design

This is a traditional white classic manicure with glittering gold foils and marble design that is always a score.


Swirly Nail Design for Oval Nails

Allow your nails to speak for themselves with a bright and eccentric design. The green swirls are very stunning to look at.


Now you’ve already got ideas for your next oval manicure mani. We hope you’ve discovered a lovely nail design to try! Let us know which nail design you’ll be sporting!