30 Short Ombre Nail Designs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

People may think there are not many designs suitable for short nails. But that is simply not true. Because there are so many different nail designs that can make short nails look incredible. One of those designs that looks absolutely gorgeous on short nails is ombre. There are just so many colors you can use to make your short ombre nails pop. Here are 30 wonderful examples that you can get inspiration from.

Little White Dots

Adding little white dots on colorful short ombre nails can make a simple yet very stylish look.


French Ombre Nails

A very chic combination of ombre nails and a tiny white french tip.


Purple Pastel Ombre Nails

If you want something a little different, this purple pastel ombre look can be what you are looking for.


Almond Shaped Ombre

One of the most clean looking short ombre nails. They would suit business life very much.


Purple Fade Ombre

Another look especially purple lovers would absolutely love.


Short Ombre Nails

This look is best for people who want to keep their nails really short but still want the elegant vibe of ombre.


Pink Fading Into White

This is another very short ombre look combining pink and white color together very well.


Square Short Ombre Nails

A clean short ombre nail look on square shaped nails.


Short Almond Ombre

A great example of how almond shape and ombre design can look amazing together on short nails.


A Pinch Of Gold 

If you want to add a little shimmer on your square ombre nails, you can use gold glitter on one of your nails for an elegant look.


Black Ombres With A Moon Figure

Some just can’t give up black at any time. If you are one of those people, this black ombre look with a cute little moon figure is just for you.


Stiletto Black Ombre

For those who are into the witchy vibe, you can make the previous design on sharp stiletto shaped nails to make it fit your vibe.


Baby Blue Ombre 

Baby blue is a great color to use on ombre nails and you can add little figure to make it even cuter.


Green Ombre 

Soft green is also a great color to match with an ombre look.


Bright Ombre Nails

You can make these bright ombre nails pop with an all-black outfit easily.


Colorful Pastel Ombres

This is one of the best short ombre nails especially to use in summertime.


Glitter Yellow Ombre Tips

Using the color yellow to make that ombre fade can look great together with tiny, cute flower designs.


Pink And Purple Pastel Ombre

Pink fading into a pastel and shiny purple in this one.


Ballerina Gold Ombre

Gold and glittery gold ombre tips is a very tasteful choice to use on ballerina shaped nails.


Blue Leaves

Perfect combo of white and blue ombre with a sweet branch figure full of blue leaves.


Glitter Pink White Ombre

One of the most beautiful short ombre nail designs that will make you feel like a princess.


Colorful Glitter Ombre

A magical look with glittery and bright colors fading into and elegant white on almond nails.


Peachy Purple Ombre

Purple fading into a peachy pink color on short bright nails.


Dark Glitter Blue

A light and dark blue ombre look would be a great fit to use in wintertime.


Silver Glitter

For those who are not a big fan of gold glitter, this silver glitter on clean ombre nails can be a pretty good option.


Marble Design Ombre

Glittery ombre and the marble design on the ring fingernail looks gorgeous together.


Flower Rainbow Ombre 

Colorful flower figures on short almond ombre nails with a cute nailstone.


Black Ombre With A Line

Straight black lines right in the middle of the nail looks very flattering on black ombre.


Radiant Purple Ombre

If you are looking for a radiant short ombre nail design, this white and purple look can be what you are looking for.


Purple Butterfly

Simple figures on ombre nails always look very elegant.


Final Words

Short ombre nails can look much more stylish than you think. If you want to keep your nails short and still want the elegant look of ombre on them, you can pick one of these short ombre nail designs to show your nail artist as an inspo pic.