30 Square Nail Designs For A Chic And Sophisticated Look 

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

If you are looking to get a chic and sophisticated look, square nails can be a wonderful option. However you may be finding it difficult to find good designs that you like. Here we have brought together 30 good-looking square nail options for you to get inspiration from.

Fancy Long Square Nails

First one is very suitable for those who are looking for long fancy square nails. 


Green And White French Tips On Short Square Nail

Green french tips and chic nude color seperated with a white line.


Blue French Tips With Flower Designs

A combination of flower designs and baby blue french tips.


Small Flower Details On Chic Nude Color 

These small flower details looks very chic on pink nude color.


Short Lavender

Lavender shade on very short square nails.


Cow Design 

We have started seeing cow design more often lately and this white and black cow nail art on long square nails looks very fun and chic at the same time.


Neon Orange

Neon and bright orange color on short square nails.


Pink And White V French Tips

White V french tips with a pink detail.


All Black On Short Square Nails 

Black is and will always be one of the most chic color to use on nails. As you can see in this one, short square nails painted an all bright black color.


Fun Baby Blue And Orange French Tips

This is a very fun way to creat french tips with two colors that goes well together such as baby blue and a very cute orange.


Colorful French Tips On Long Square Nails

Small flower designs and the colors yellow and blue is a great choice if you are looking for fun nail design for summer.


Baby Blue French Tips With Silver Colored Stones

The placement of the three silver colored stones compliments very well to the baby blue french tips.


French Tips With Shades Of Pink

French tips made by different shades of pink and purple colors. 


Milky White On Short Square Nails

For those who are looking for cleaning looking nails, this milky white on short square nails can be a great option.


Moss Green On Short Square Nails

Green is a very chic color at all times. But especially this moss shade of green color on short square nails looks extra chic together.


Glitter Design

Glitter design on transparent pink nails.


Smiley Light Green

Smiley and checker designs on light green short square nails.


Edgy Black Designs On Pink Shade

Black fire and snake designs on light pink shades looks amazing together since black and pink are two colors that goes very well together.


Ombre Design On Long Square Nails

This pink ombre fading into the white can be one of the most chic designs to use on long square nails.


Daisies On Black Line

Lines are very common on many different nail designs. Moreover, these small and cute daisiy designs on black lines with the nude pink shade on long square nails looks literally the best together.


Yin Yang Design With Black And White French Tips

Using different colors on french tips such as black and white is already chic enough. But the yin yang design managed to make this look every more chic.


Gold Glitter And Marble Design On Pink Shade

This is another great look to wear on short square nails. Gold glitter and the light white marble design on a gorgeous pink shade.


Gold Colored Stones On Long Square Nails

Gold colored nail stones on a very chic pink shade with long square nails.


Pinky White On Short Square Nails

A white color with a pinky undertone on short square nails.


Classy Light Pink Shade 

A classy light pink shade on short square nails.


Dark Blue Marble Design

A dark blue marble design and nude pink looking very well together.


Black Spider Web Design

A black spider web design and light blue shade.


Neon Blue

All neon blue colored medium square nails.


Glitter Grey And Transparent White

Glitter grey design and transparent white on long square nails.


Chic Stone And Flower Design

Chic stone and flower designs on baby blue square nails.


Final Words

Square nails can give your design a beautiful look if you do them correctly. While there can be designs that are simple to do, there are many designs that are rather complex. Depending on your style, you can pick one that looks amazing.