30 Baby Blue Nail Designs That Will Make You Feel Breezy

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Picking a stunning nail design is a beautiful way to complete your style. While good nail art can significantly affect a woman’s style, it is often overlooked. However, you can create a stunning style by choosing a versatile and beautiful color such as baby blue and a design to bring the charm of this color to light.

As a trendy color that can complete a lively and colorful design, there are many ways to incorporate baby blue into your style. Among these methods, nail design offers an incredible option to get creative and complete your style. Here are 30 baby blue nail designs from which to check out and get inspiration.

1. Baby Blue With A Subdued Design


If you want a nail design with baby blue that has a simple yet stylish look, you can go with this one. It is a design that is pretty easy to apply and maintain.

2. Baby Blue With Butterfly Art


In this design, two nails are decorated with beautiful butterflies while the other two are just plain baby blue. This creates a perfect combination of simplicity and grace.

3. Baby Blue French Tip Nail Design


With this design, you can use baby blue combined with another color like nude. It has a reasonably simple yet beautiful look like the previous two designs.

4. Square Nail Design With Tiny Jewellery


As a somewhat glamorous design, this one features small pieces of jewelry on the half moons of the fingernails. It is perfect for occasions such as weddings and gatherings.

5. Long Square Nails With Wavy Design


Here is another glamorous design that features baby blue. This design is perfect for longer nails as its wavy decorations require a lot of space. However, you can use it with a few differences with shorter nails.

6. Baby Blue With Little Cherries


This cute design can be fantastic for completing a colorful style. Especially suitable for spring, this can be an excellent addition to your bright-colored clothing.

7. Simple Baby Blue


After a few somewhat complicated designs, let’s look at a simple one. This design consists of short round nails painted with baby blue. If you want something that is low maintenance, you can go with this one year round.

8. Glitter And Butterflies


This design brings simplicity and glamour together. So it can be great for both a casual and more elegant style.

9. Short Coffin Nails With Jewellery


While it is a relatively simple design for the other fingernails, in this design, there is a piece of noticeable jewelry on the middle finger. Combined with one or several beautiful rings, it can be a fabulous nail design for weddings.

10. Short Baby Blue Stilettos


Although this design is pretty simple, it is very distinct and apparent. It gives a powerful look; it can be an excellent choice for a professional setting.

11. Almond Baby Blue With Flowers

Great for moderately long nails if you want a creative and jolly-looking design.


12. Square Nails With Elegant Heart Decoration


With this elegant-looking square nail design, you can see the true grace of baby blue.

13. Fading Baby Blue


This design can be great for both long and shorter nails. Moreover, you can combine baby blue with any color of your choice.

14. Spring Day Stiletto


This design is a beautiful choice for a lovely spring day; it showcases baby blue naturally and beautifully.

15. Long Round Baby Blue


If you want to combine baby blue with another color, this design can be perfect for long nails with its subtle fade.

16. Cutie Cat


You can cut your fingernails short and round when looking for a cute and outstanding design. Then you can put this beautiful design over baby blue.

17. Rabbit Baby Blue


Another cutesy design, this one has a rabbit and daisies on it. As you can guess, it can be an excellent pick for spring and summer.

18. Simple Square Baby Blue


Since it is a simple and versatile design, you can use this one with various types of clothing.

19. Long Baby Blue With Jewellery Art


While this design may be complex, the result can be fascinating and alluring. If you have a special occasion, you might want to go with this one.

20. Ombre Baby Blue


With this baby blue nail design, you can combine a warm yet free vibe.

21. Shiny Baby Blue Nails


If you are looking for a lovely baby blue nail design that will make you feel breezy, this one can be great. While it is pretty easy to apply, it is a reasonably complex and shiny design.

22. Embellished French Tip Baby Blue


Here is another beautiful baby blue nail design that combines several techniques. It can be great if you want a fun yet elegant look.

23. Short Wavy Baby Blue


If you want a rather humble look that manages to mesmerize, this simple wavy baby blue nail design can give you that.

24. Short Round Baby Blue With Lines


A beautiful design that is simple to apply and versatile enough to fit many styles.

25. Subtle Rainbow Baby Blue


This one is incredibly wonderful if you want a sweet and beautiful design. It combines two baby blue nails with one glamorous nail and another with a lovely rainbow design.

26. Glamorous Long Baby Blue


If you have long fingers and want a glamorous baby blue nail design, this one can be a perfect choice.

27. All In One Place


This beautiful design has a combination of four different designs. While it offers variety, it is not tiring to look at. On the contrary, it is an amusing and pretty design.

28. French Tip And Full Baby Blue Combo


Like some other nail designs, this one comprises different designs. However, they fit perfectly together.

29. Daisy Baby Blue


This one can be an excellent choice for those who want a cute design for spring.

30. Shiny Short Square Baby Blue


The final design on our list of baby blue nail designs that will make you breezy is this simple yet shiny one.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, baby blue is a highly versatile color that you can use in various nail designs. If you want to complete your style gracious, beautiful, and fashionable manner, you can incorporate this excellent color into your nail art with the fantastic designs listed here.