30 Spring Nail Designs You Need To See

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

The days are growing longer and warmer, so spring is on its way! Why not wear your favorite springtime colors and patterns to welcome the change of seasons with some sassy nail art?

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s only natural that we’d want to coordinate our manicures with our new spring clothing. Changing up your nails is a great way to welcome a new season and prepare for the coming months.

Are you looking for some nail art inspiration? Continue scrolling to see these spring nail designs you must see! We’ll take care of everything!

1. Pink Flowers


It can’t be any more spring than flowers, so why not put it on nails? This hot take on the trend is even more attractive with the hot pink nails alongside pink and white flowers.

2. Blooming Flowers


Spring is the perfect time to go for it with floral manicures, and these thin and subtle floral nails are to die for! They’re pretty, lively, and a tad 2000s-inspired, making them the ideal manicure for 2022.

3. Bright Orange Waves


This vibrant orange will up your spring mood. The length, waves, and V-shaped tips add flair to the whole ensemble!

4. Matcha French Nails with Pearls


Try a subdued olive French manicure for a more elegant and eye-catching take on this trend for spring. With pearls throughout, this matcha-colored nail style would be even better.

5. Pink Gradient Swirls


The subtle pink swirls on this look give it a demure yet elegant vibe. The color combination is also a perfect fit for the spring weather!

6. Blue Marble with Gold


This look screams class and luxury all over. Every element in this design contributes to the whole ensemble- blue marble, the gold flakes, and the multiple-colored nails, too!

7. Green and Gold Abstract Nail Art


This is a simple design to do if you have a variety of nail polish colors on hand. Abstract nails have been hugely popular over the previous year, and they’re still going strong this season. This vibrant abstract manicure design with bursts of green, silver, and blue on a neutral base is sure to please.

8. Lemony French Nails


Yellow French nails already have such a spring vibe, but why not add a fun and quirky accent such as these cute lemons? 

9. Multiple Shades of Pink on Oval Nails


The shades of pink on this design might be subtle, but we can’t deny that it is gorgeous! The shape is eye-catching and suitable for all bold and daring women.

10. White Lines and Flowers on Natural Nails


We can’t deny that acrylics are one of the good options to think about while going on a trip to the nail salon, but one shouldn’t sleep on the beauty of natural nails!

11. French with a Pop of Color


Give this current favorite a modern spin with a circular shape instead of a square. Also, add a splash of color to the accent nail for a unique effect! In 2022, nostalgia for the early 2000s isn’t going away.

12. Neon Pink and Yellow Nails with Pearls


Anyone who takes a look at these nails will for sure be blinded! With the bright and vibrant neon colors on the tips, you’ll surely be a head-turner wearing this nail design!

13. Pink Glitter Nails


Tired of your gradient manicure but don’t want to try anything else? Add a splash of glitter, like this gorgeous pinkish shimmer!

14. Lilac Flowery Nails


Flower designs in spring are not necessarily groundbreaking, but here we have one flowery look that is sure one! The lilac color gives it such a soft and fun vibe which is ideal for spring.

15. Milky Crème Nails


Milky cream nails are sleek and understated, ideal for a fresh look. They’re perfect for spring because they’re light and neutral, making them easy to combine with spring clothes.

16. Square Pastel Yellow Nails 


We might go all-out and say that yellow is the color of spring. These nails can be your go-to for the spring season! In the past few seasons, square-shaped nails have been all the rage, and you’ll love how they look with this basic pastel manicure on short nails.

17. Pastel Flowery Tips


We all know nothing screams spring more than flowers, so go for it! On a ballerina nail-shaped base, adorn your nails with these stunning pastel flowers. For an added alluring look, only paint the flowery goodness on the tips and not throughout your nails.

18. Colorful French Nails


Give your French manicure a seasonal boost with bright and colorful tips!

19. Delicate Spring Nails


Delicate shapes and designs are equally famous for people who aren’t eager to flaunt blinged-out nails. This features a charming tiny classic shape that flatters the hands. Put flowers on the accent nail in addition to the lovely French pattern for a splash of color!

20. 3D Silver Butterfly Nails


Dress up your spring butterflies with silver sparkles for a more luxurious look. This stunning 3D butterfly will brighten your spring spirit! For a truly eye-catching design, stack your favorite diamonds, rhinestones, and studs onto your manicure.

21. Pink Nails with Gold Flakes


We all know pink nails are a serious fab, especially in spring. But are we adding gold flakes on accent nails? That’s a level-up we all need to wear on our nails!

22. Spring Daisies Nail Design


Traditional daisies are given a bright makeover with pink and lavender centers and petals. Wear this design as accent nails on gorgeous French nails, and your mani will be spring ready!  

23. Pink and Blue Nail Design 


One of spring’s most beautiful color combos is light pink and blue. Opt out the bright version with a more pastel shade for a more appealing nail style! 

24. Ombre Nails


A pink-orange gradient is an ideal compromise between a single color and full-fledged nail art. They are coming in hot!

25. Glitter Nails


As everyone knows, glitter will never be out of the trend. Apply glitter on a pastel purple and blue nail bed to make it spring-appropriate.

26. Cherry Nails


The cherry is the ideal approach to give a traditional nail design a spring facelift. On a nude background, this pattern will ultimately pop!

27. Split Screen Nails


Can’t make up your mind on which color to use? Put them all on! This color combination looks more elegant and luxurious with the gold line separating the line between colors!

28. M&Ms Nails 


An M&Ms-inspired manicure with mostly pastel colors feels unexpectedly clean and trendy, and the pastel hues make it appropriate for the spring season!

29. Pink Flowers with Rhinestones Nail Design


Add a dusting of delicate rhinestones to everyone’s favorite acrylic manicure trend. All that on top of gorgeous pink flowers!

30. Realistic Flowers


On bare nails, intricate blossoms seem like true works of art. For a similar vibe, you can use stickers to accomplish this appearance.

I hope you got some ideas on how you’d like to rock your spring nails! Don’t forget to let us know which of these nail designs you will rock for spring!