30 Birthday Nails Ideas for Your Special Day

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Is your birthday around the corner? Are you looking for cute birthday nail ideas for your special day? If so, you will love these nail ideas we have gathered today. This vast and significant day will look fantastic, especially if you try and make an effort with your appearance.

Make sure you choose a manicure and nail design that complements your personality, preferences, and the dress you’re’ wearing that day. It is your special day, which happens yearly, and you need to stand out and look your best. 

In this post, we have selected cute birthday nail ideas for all nail types and lengths that you will love. Let’s check them out. 

1. Age Accent Birthday Nails


These birthday-themed nails are adorable and simple to make! You can also express yourself by picking your favorite nail polish color! Draw your new age on the accent nail with a nail paint pen.

2. Birthday Decorations Nail Design


Be the most festive belle at the ball by decorating your nails with these birthday decorations! This design is relatively simple to duplicate, so give it your best effort!

3. Pink Birthday Nails


This pink birthday nail art is adorable and fun! Pink is a popular manicure color among party girls. Show off your extravagance and go all out with this manicure if you plan to make a statement at your birthday party. Play around with different colors and nail accents to see what you can come up with. Be the most festive belle at the ball by decorating your nails with these birthday decorations! Give it your best attempt at recreating this design!

4. Pretty Birthday Nail Art with Decals


This and several other sweet and straightforward birthday nail designs are simple to replicate and look fantastic. Thanks to easy peasy nail decals, this birthday nail design is simple to recreate and won’t take up much of your time.

5. Cupcake Birthday Nails


This design in pink, blue, and yellow shades brings a classy touch to the cupcake manicure. This eye-catching birthday manicure design will make you want a cupcake, but you can keep it simple by doing two different designs on three nails and keeping the rest of your nails with the other design. Simple yet attractive.

6. Party Birthday Nails


With these nails, you’ll stand out from the crowd! Get creative with neon nail polish by mixing different colors and designing eye-catching artwork. Consider this manicure if you’re heading out to a club or somewhere posh. Use a lot of glitters to make your nails even more flirtatious and attractive. 

7. Dark Birthday-Themed Nails with Candles

This birthday nail art offers beautiful candles in a variety of colors. The base coat is a lovely dark hue with a hint of shimmer. The candle flames are a soft golden color. These nails are a great way to spruce up your birthday celebrations. This nail design would appeal to anyone who enjoys dark themes.

8. Colorful Confetti Nails


Birthdays are about having a good time, and nothing says a good time like confetti! Cover your nails in bright confetti for the ultimate party manicure, and finish with a cupcake or balloon accent. This is one of the most adorable birthday nail designs I’ve ever seen. Layers of hand-painted polka dots are layered over a plain colored background. If the colors were somewhat muted in this design, it would give it a more elegant appeal. Any festive or everyday dress would look fabulous with this design.

9. Pink and Glitter Birthday Nails


These birthday nails offer a charming, youthful appearance. They’re much less complicated to pull off than many of the other concepts we looked at. This design is suitable for both children and adults. With some golden accessories, this design will be lovely. This pattern will be more convenient and eye-catching if you wear gold jewelry.

10. Black with Glitter Birthday Nails


A stunning pair of matte black cutout hearts adorn this popular design. Gold glitter and gold chrome are used on the other nails. The gold polish contrast adds a touch of class to this manicure. This is the manicure if you want something simple to wear every day and unique for your birthday. Make it more sophisticated by adding a lot of glitter and diamonds. You’ll love this striking acrylic design if you intend on wearing an all-black suit with a lot of silver.

11. Nude Birthday Nails


Nude and subtle nails are ideal for those who prefer a refined appearance. If you prefer elegance and want a gentle, lovely manicure that isn’t too flashy, this is for you!

12. Birthday Candles Nails


This birthday candle nail design is perfect for wishing someone a happy birthday. You’ll need a steady hand and artistic flair for this unique birthday nail design. This displays off the candles with a unique take on the cupcake motif. White icing and sprinkles make up the base of the nail. The candles are hand-painted in a variety of vibrant colors. This would be a fantastic design for anyone, especially a youngster or a teen, to wear on their birthday.

13. Lilac Birthday Nails


Try these lilacs or light purple birthday nail designs. Consider this short manicure if you prefer elegance with a touch of glitter on top. Add a dash of glitter to make it more sophisticated and party-ready. These nails are perfect for someone who wants an elegant yet understated look, thanks to the soft purple color and glitter mix. The glitter pops on the accent nail. These nail designs are perfect for a birthday or any other occasion when you want to add a little glitz to the celebration. 

14. Cool Birthday Nails


Artificial nails that are at their best showcase shapes and methods that aren’t achievable with natural nails. For a dramatic impression, these lengthy nails are pointed. Each nail is decorated differently. The nail is glittering beneath the lace. These are the nails you wear when you want to make a statement. You’ll appreciate this idea if you plan to wear a lot of jewelry. Everyone will adore you if you show the world how great and extra you can be for your birthday!

15. Stylish Birthday Nails


This bold pattern will appeal to those women who prefer medium-length nails and acrylic manicures. Add playful glitter or gemstones to make these nails more exquisite and flirtatious. The ultimate product is stylish and dramatic, perfect for sophisticated women who enjoy a bit of drama! These nails are embellished with rhinestones and many sequins in various forms, such as butterflies. It’s a gorgeous nail that’s ideal for a birthday princess! We love how one of the nails is shaped, giving the manicure a modern edge.

16. Pink Nails with Magical Glitter


Glittered tips adorn these essential birthday acrylic nails. The glitter is applied in a gradient, beginning dense at the ends and fading toward the center of the nails. Using a hot pink base color helps brighten these nails’ look. Try a black base coat or another bright color to change things up. The nails are entirely pink with a colorful glitter ombre in this design. It’s a lovely, vibrant, dazzling pattern ideal for a birthday.

17. 3D Birthday Nails


These imaginative 3D nails feature the best in manicure ornaments in an ambitious design. Each nail has a little more sparkle with miniature donuts, ribbons, cake, and birthday treats. If you enjoy birthday cake and sweet sweets like donuts, this is for you. Each of the long coffin nails in this mani is a vibrant purple color. Furthermore, the nails are embellished with 3D cake slices, donuts, and rhinestones. This is a stunning mani that is ideal for birthday parties.

18. Rhinestone Birthday Mani


Long nail designs allow for many ornamentations, like these stunning crystals. The crystals are expertly arranged to cover the nail completely. Each nail in this style is adorned with many glittering rhinestones of various shapes and sizes! With drama and flair, this is one of the outstanding manicure types. These nails aren’t practical for everyday wear, but they’re fantastic for a party nail design. You may add some bling to your birthday celebrations with a mani like this. It’s such a glitzy, brilliant, and attention-getting look.

19. Balloon Nails


The birthday balloon manicure gets a new twist with this multi-colored design. Do you like bright colors and balloons? If that’s the case, this is ideal for you. The birthday balloon manicure gets a new twist with this multi-colored design. Light pink nails with several designs are shown here. Each nail is embellished with birthday decorations, including balloons and more. It’s a stunning and entertaining look.

20. Happy Birthday Nails


The following nail design has a happy birthday inscription on it. This time, the nails are purple with various nail art such as a cupcake and a “happy birthday to you” message. It’s a bright manicure design that announces your birthday to everyone. You can make this yourself or use any cupcake design you choose. This design will appeal to anyone who enjoys a dazzling, striking appearance. Stay towards this color combination if you want to create noticeable designs and party-inspired manicures.

21. French Manicure Birthday Nails


How about a French manicure with a variation?! These nails are gorgeous and perfect for folks who don’t care about upkeep or maintenance. To make these birthday nails suitable for your birthday, add a dazzling gloss and a ton of glitter or rhinestones. This beautiful French nail design is a fantastic alternative for your birthday if you want something simple but unique.

22. Beautiful White Nails


This manicure design will cater to those who appreciate the white-on-white color scheme. With some golden details, it will look much better. This manicure is perfect if you wear a lot of gold jewelry. Because this feeling is so formal and exquisite, match it all once. These stunning white nails are not only one-of-a-kind, but they also go with any birthday dress.

23. Jeweled Acrylic Birthday Nails


This nude and off-white base and hot long acrylics will seem feminine. To make your acrylics more exquisite, place some gemstones on top. This design is ideal for your special day. These stunning jeweled nails are suitable for a birthday celebration. Thanks to the gorgeous gems, they’re glitzy, dazzling, and one-of-a-kind!

24. Unique Patterned Nails


These patterned nails are very cool! If you enjoy going all out with your nails and seek a one-of-a-kind, stand-out design, this is the one for you!

25. Birthday Nails with White Nail Art


You’ll get this feminine white nail manicure by drawing on top of your manicure. Consider this design if you know how to draw and enjoy elegance. These delicate lines will look great across your nude base. The ultimate product is ideal for anyone needing a party manicure or a birthday-themed nail design.

26. Starry Birthday Nails


On your birthday, you’ll be a superstar with a manicure design. It’s a colorful and eye-catching manicure. You can quickly reproduce this look at home with a few bright colors and star nail stencils found online or in nail stores. Each one is adorned with bright and vivid stars in various colors, including pink, blue, and yellow, with a foggy purple backdrop. 

27. Unique French Nails with a Pop of Color


Who needs the classic French nail design when you can have a unique, colorful manicure design like this? Who needs the classic French nail design?! This whimsical and elegant style with short nails and a flash of color will look great. This style is suitable if your natural nails are in good condition. Only color the top portion to achieve this lovely colorful design with a French theme for your birthday.

28. Festive Birthday Nails


These spectacular and sparkly birthday nails are our next option. This is for you if you want a festive and sparkling birthday manicure design!

29. Ombre Nails


Ombre nails might seem simple, but they are beautiful, unique, and easy to do. These ombre nails are a lovely choice to consider if you want something more tranquil and simple look for your birthday.

30. Trendy Colorful Nails


If you enjoy going all out with your nails and seek a one-of-a-kind, stand-out design, this is the one for you! I think unique manicures are appealing, and I adore how each nail design here is so distinct from the next! Women with naturally healthy nails will appear best with these exquisite nails. To bring out their genuine beauty, use your favorite top coat.

That’s all there is for today! These are the best birthday nail designs for your special day. Every design will brighten your day and add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Enjoy these fantastic birthday nail designs and give them a try. Please let us know which design you prefer!