90+ Brown Nails You Should Try in 2023

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

While brown is a beautiful color representing reliability, it is still an underused option.

If you’re looking for a nail color that’s unique and classic, consider brown nails. This rich hue can range from warm to cool and looks great on all skin tones. Whether you choose a light latte shade or a deep chocolate brown, you can’t go wrong with this trend.

Brown is the perfect shade to add a touch of sophistication to your nails. You can wear brown nails in any color, but we love nude, pink, and black shades.

There are many shades of brown, so you can find the perfect one to match your skin tone. You can also wear brown nails with different designs. You can go for a classic look with a french manicure or get creative with some fun nail art. If you’re feeling creative, try adding some sparkle with rhinestones, or go for a more subtle look with a matte top coat.

Brown nails are also said to represent strength and stability. So if you’re looking for a nail color representing who you are, brown is a great choice.

If you’re not sure what color to pair with your brown nails, here are a few suggestions: 

  • For a natural look, try a light brown or taupe shade. 
  • Go for a dark brown or chocolate shade for a more dramatic look. 
  • Try a burgundy or plum shade to add a pop of color.

How to Get Brown Nails?

Start with a base coat of your favorite color to get the perfect brown nail. Then, use a brown polish to create a French manicure or accent nails. You can also add a touch of shimmer with a glitter top coat. Whatever you do, make sure you seal your nails with a clear top coat to prevent chipping.

No matter what shade you choose, brown nails are sure to make a statement. So next time you’re at the nail salon, don’t be afraid to try something different and go for brown!

Brown Nail Designs

Your nails are one of the first things people notice about you, so why not make a statement with a unique and stylish nail design? 

Brown is a versatile color that you can use for various designs, from subtle and natural-looking to bold and glamorous. Check out these fabulous brown nail designs that will have you looking stylish all season long!

1. Brown Color Combo with Subtle Hearts


A subtle yet stunning nail design is what we have here for you! The cute little heart cutouts look so charming on the brown nails. Wear these nails, and you’ll be the sweetest pea!

2. Brown Drip Nail Design


This particular nail design looks good on an array of brown color bases! Paint the drip design on an accent nail and a light brown base to highlight it!

3. Zodiac Brown Nail Design


Are you a firm believer in zodiac signs? Don’t worry because we have the ultimate nail design just for you! You can use stencils or freehand draw your zodiac sign across your brown nails. While you’re at it, draw some stars all over it too! What a luscious look! This looks good on long, square nails, giving you much space to work with.

4. White Abstract Lines on Brown Nails


Unleash your inner abstract artist by doing this nail design. Paint your nails a soft brown for a base color, and put abstract lines all over the nails. This is for sure a fab!

5. Flowery Brown French Nails


With the spring season just around the corner, these flowery brown nails are very on-the-trend! Alongside brown French-style nails, paint flowers with dots for the accent nails. Do this, and you’re all set!

6. Multiple Shades of Brown Nails


Here we have a variety of brown shades painted over square nails. The combination of the colors is mesmerizing, and the glossy finish makes it more stunning!

7. Matte Browns and Grays

Adorn your nails with texture with gorgeous matte on top of sandy, earthy color combinations such as this one. The browns and grays look perfect beside one another and look even more with a matte finish on top.


8. Glossy Dark Brown Nails

İf you’re a fan of glossy, shiny nails, then this is perfect for you. Paint your nails with a dark shade of brown and put a glossy top coat all over. Let others be blinded with shine on one glance as you wear this nail look. 


9. Brown with Animal Print and Glitter Nails


This specific look will look great, especially on short nails. Opt for this brown nail design for any event or occasion with just enough sass and playfulness! 

10. Elegant Brown Nails


This beautiful set of brown nails exudes that elegance around them. The glitter, marble design, and a couple of stones are ultimately glamorous. 

11. Burnt Brown Nails


As soon as the first whiff of autumn air comes, try and wear these burnt brown nails for an all-out start to the season! Add shiny glitter all over the nails to add spice to the look! 

12. Latte Brown Nails


Don’t you crave a cup of café latte after looking at this nail design? Don’t be alone and let others crave it too when they see this ombre goodness on your nail!

13. Brown Florals and Swirls


You should consider this swirly floral nail design for your next look. A flower pattern on brown nails can be just as beautiful. This color combination is perfect for the entire year. 

14. Brown Matte Claw Nail Design


Because of pop culture, stiletto-shaped nails have grown increasingly trendy. Two pattern nails, one ombre brown and one full brown, are featured on the nail.

15. Crisscross Brown Nail Design 


As if the glossy dark brown nails weren’t enough, the crisscross design on the accent nail just brings the whole look to another level!

16. Brown and White Tips


Here we have a two-toned brown and white nail look with the colors being heavily on the tips only. This is such an exquisite nail design that’s perfect for any event or occasion. 

17. Elegant Long Brown Nails


The length of the nails just highlights the other elements more, such as the glitter and the eye-catching rhinestones all over it. Moreover, the multiple shades of brown bases just compliment it more! Where do you begin to look for these nails?

18. Square Nails with Diagonal Tips


Add brown geometric tips to your nail look for a splendid overall look! This specific nail design would look good on square nails with a light-colored base such as this one.

19. Brown Crocodile Nails


Show some attitude on your nails with this crocodile-print nail design. The placement and illusion the design gives are just ultra-perfect! 

20. Short Nails with Brown Waves


This nail look is for bold and adventurous women who want to channel their personality to their manicures. Paint your nails with a light-colored base and go to town with the fun dark brown waves! Such a quirky mani it is!

21. Brown Square Nails with Crystals


This nail design has all the elements for an exquisite manicure. Brown tones, marble, and crystals all work to exude such a charming vibe!

22. Brown Nails with Glitter Tips


Be the epitome of charm and elegance with this nail design! On almond-shaped nails, paint it with a soft shade of brown and adorn the tips with glitter! What a head-turner look!

23. Leaf Design on Brown Almond Nails


Another way to combine brown nails into an autumn look is with gold accents! These chocolate brown nails have leafy small gold elements and a hint of black at the tips, making them perfect for fall when it’s time to dig out the gold accessories.

24. Brown and Glitter Accent Nails


This subtle nail design is perfect for ladies who prefer short nails but still want to make their nail game a 100! Paint a dark shade of brown on your nails. Apply glitter to the accent nail for added elegance!

25. Browns and White Nails


This design is both easy and charming. It’s ideal for a casual fall look because it has just enough contrast to be striking without overly bold.

26. Nude and Brown Ombre Nails with Shimmer


If you like a chic and subtly elegant nail design, you may want to try these nude ombre nails. Paint your nails with a light nude shade and on the accent nail, paint a gorgeous shimmer on top to finish the look!

27. Long Square Brown Nails


On your long, square nails, adorn a variety of brown nail art such as a V-tip, diagonal design, and even an ombre such as this one. So sassy! Don’t let the length fool you into thinking this nail look will be challenging to do.

28. Brown Galaxy Nail Design


Stars and constellations on a brown galaxy? İt’s possible! Look at your nails, and it’ll give you ultra-outer space feels!

29. Brown Cookies and Cream Nails


Not ice cream, but still very tasty. Is this look we have right before your eyes! The brown glitter fade looks good on the white base and beside the charming brown nails!

30. Short Cheetah Printed Brown Nails


Paint your nails a beige shade of brown as a base and adorn them with these fabulous cheetah prints for the accent nails. Even on short nails, these cheetah-printed light brown nails stand out! Wear this nail design, and you’re all set to party!

31. Classic Brown Square French Nails


As the adage goes, nothing beats the classic. This may seem simple to a normal eye, but we’ll let you know that this is a timeless and classy look suitable for any occasion and is wearable by women of all ages! 

32. Matte Brown 3D Nail Art


It’s a texture party! This is where the 3D Nail Art will go to complete this wonderfully elegant look! Paint your nails with a matte brown as a base, and paint the tips with a glossy coat except for the accent nails.

33. Brown Nails with Waves and Shimmer


No specific design stands out because it contributes to making one magical look! Glitter, browns, and waves! What more of a gorgeous combination do we need?

34. Brown Butterfly Nail Design


Before you is another over-French nail design, on top of brown square nails, freehand paint butterflies over your nails with white paint to help accentuate it more!

35. Light Brown Nails with Glitter Fade


This nail design has a glitter mania, and we’re here for it! The brown blush base on this nail look just beautifully highlights the glitter on top, although we know it’s a highlight on its own!

36. Brown Coffin Nails with Swirls


The different shades of brown on this look are nothing short of stunning! Hypnotic swirls of brown on a light-colored base also add pizzazz to the look.

37. Dark Brown and Gray Nail Design


This gorgeous combination of colors would work on stunning all of the on-lookers! The subtle French design and the juxtaposition of colors make this nail design a look for all ages!

38. Brown Square French Nails with Pearls


This long brown French nail look is already a gem on its own but adorned with gorgeous pearls? İt’ll get us all minds blown!

39. Luxury Brand Nail Design 


Why limit luxury brand logos to clothing and shoes when you can also put them on your nails! This particular luxury brand logo is associated with dark brown and gold colors. Wear it like this on your nails, and you’ll feel fancy suddenly!

40. Long Brown Marble Nail Design


This nail design just exudes a very subtle and demure vibe to it. The light brown marble design is such a spectacle to look at. More so on long, square nails!

41. Brown V-tips Nails


A take on the undying French nail trend, these nails would make you look fab! The brown V-shaped tips just add flair to the ensemble!

42. Brown Printed French Nail Design


Upgrade your classic French nail look with this nail design. İnstead of just a plain color on the tips, adorn it with a lovely brown print that surely ups the whole look to a new level! 

43. Encapsulated French Nail Design


What a look it is! This nail design looks like a holographic glitter forest is entrapped inside the brown French tips! This may need a trip to your nail tech for our next look.

44. Brown Geo Hearts Nails


Take a look at this adorable design! These are long nails with light brown and pink bases and golden brown and dark brown paint patterns. The accent heart nail design is the most challenging component of this design. But fear not because you will be awarded this adorable look afterward!

45. Simple Fall Nail Design


Here’s another gorgeous design that makes me think of Autumn. This tremendous, straightforward manicure design will go with the theme and last throughout the season. This would look beautiful on any nail length, not just short ones.

46. Brown Color Block with Chic Nail Art


The color scheme on this look is just so surreal! The placement and blocking of colors are perfect alongside the stunning nail art consisting of blue leaves and a girl’s silhouette on the accent nails!

47. Double Hearts on Brown Coffin Nails


Th’s cute Brown nail design with adorable little heart cutouts is undeniably charming! I like how these nails look simple but have enough detail to be attractive but not challenging to do. 

48. Dark to Light Brown Nails  


Instead of using distinct colors on each nail, you use dark to light shades of brown, ending with a plain white nail. This straightforward and clean design is unique, and it’s also clear to make at home.

49. Brown Nails with Gold Flakes


Show your inner glamour goddess with this stunning brown nail design! On top of already gorgeous brown nails, add attitude and pizzazz with gold flakes on top!

50. Brown Water Drop Nail Look


For this nail design, you will need a gel polish curing device. First, paint your nails a dark shade of brown. Then, put a dollop of clear polish over the top, almost resembling a water drop, and cure it under the curing device. You’d end up with such a unique look!

51. Matte Brown and Leopard Print Nails


From our makeup to our manicures, matte is currently everywhere. They are a timeless and elegant texture to enjoy. This pattern is particularly appealing because it is appropriate for women of all ages.

52. Brown Matchy Print Nail Design


Everything about these zebra pattern-inspired nails is lovely. For almost everyone, the length is enjoyable and manageable. Match it with your phone case for a unique look!

53. Nude Color Mix


Mix some orangey nudes and white with your brown nails. Look at how lovely the balance of nude colors is on these nails. These nails are unique, and if you have a steady hand, you can pull them off.

54. Brown Square Nails with Gold Accent


These are an excellent choice if you’re seeking nail designs that work for every occasion. Another common choice is square-shaped nails, which are pretty appealing. You may find the gold accent at your local nail supply store.

55. Mocha Brown Marble Nails


One eye-catching color of brown is mocha brown. The length is striking, and the marble accent nail is eye-catching. This one is ideal if you’re looking for a simple accent nail design.

56. Brown Twirly French Nails


The French tip nail has been around for a long time, which is a great way to modernize it. Our favorite parts are the translucent nude nail at the base and the twirly tip patterns.

57. Autumn Swirls


A simple swirl can sometimes enhance the appearance of your nails. Make your nails light brown as a base, and then design swirls on them to make them look like the perfect cup of coffee.

58. Brown Outlined French Nails


On lovely long coffin nails, this nail design would look perfect! Outline the tips of your nails with a dark, almost black, shade of brown. Also, add a white color to make things pop!

59. Floral Drop Brown Accent Nails


This is for all the ladies who enjoy wearing lovely flowers on their nails. Both sides are basic brown, with a beige hue foundation and a floral drop pattern on both middle fingers. Some floral designs can brighten up your manicure, no matter its season.

60. Nude Ballerina Nails


This next nail design is lovely and straightforward. It looks fantastic without wasting effort. If you want something elegant, have a glossy top coat to finish it off.

61. All-Brown Look


All-brown on long almond-shaped nails is a very classic and elegant look.

62. Marble Brown French Tips


Marble design with beautiful brown color to make french tips is an excellent idea for long square nails.

63. Dark Brown


A French tip and swirl detail on dark brown nails.

64. Shades Of Brown


You can use different shades of brown to make gorgeous designs, just like in this one.

65. Plain Brown On Short Nails


Brown is a great color to use on short nails too. Especially if you are more into darker shades, this one is for you.

66. Pink And Brown French Tips


Who would have thought pink and brown could have a look this good together? And the tiny brown heart is a small yet charming detail to add.

67. Brown Rainbow


Painting all of your fingernails a different shade of brown is a great way to make a brown rainbow!

68. Long Cut Out Bright Brown


A bright brown shade on long cutout nails is a simple and gorgeous look.

69. Gold Detail 


You can see the perfect harmony of the brown, gold, and nude shades on these brown nails.

70. Matte And Shiny Combo


Matte and shiny shades of the same brown can make gorgeous french tips, as seen in this one.

71. Simple Brown French Tips


French tips don’t always have to be white to look elegant and straightforward. A darker shade such as brown can make french tips look pretty stylish.

72. Light Brown To Dark Brown with French Tips


Going lighter to darker shades on french tips.

73. White, Nude, and Brown Tips


White, nude pink, and brown look stunning together in this one.

74. Marble Brown


The marbled design and brown color work very well together.

75. White and Brown V French Tips


Brown and white V french tips on short almond nails.

76. Artsy Brown French Tips


A different way to use brown French tips on long almond nails.

77. Checkers Design 


The combination of brown, nude shades, and gorgeous checkers design.

78. Short Square Nails with Brown Details


If you are looking for a brown nail design to use o short nails, you can go with this one.

79. Long Matte Brown


Matte brown shade on long square-shaped nails.

80. Leopard Brown


A dark brown shade and leopard design look very well together.

81. White And Brown Swirls


There are so many ways to use swirls, and this is one of the cutest ways to combine them with a brown shade.

82. Stiletto Matte And Shiny Brown


The shiny V french tips on matte brown and vice versa on long stiletto nails.

83. Matte Chocolate


Here is another matte brown shade that looks gorgeous on long square nails.

84. Autumn Stiletto Brown


One of the most feminine ways to combine stiletto and brown nails.

85. Zebra Brown


Zebra design with different shades of brown.

86. Yin-Yang Brown

This yin-yang design with brown color can be your next favorite nail design to use.


87. Brown Swirls On Long Square Nails


Swirls also look amazing on long square nails, as seen in this one.

88. Gold And Dark Brown


This can be an exciting choice for gold lovers looking for a different design to combine with a brown shade.

89. Bunny Chocolate Brown Nails


These little bunny figures on your brown nails will make everyone fall in love with your nails.

90. Flowers On Brown Nails


If you are looking for a flower design matching the fall vibes, this design can be precisely for you.

Final Words

If you want to incorporate a little bit of brown into your style, you can do it with stunning-looking nail designs. From now on, with these thirty brown nails that are gorgeous, you won’t have a tough time picking a nail design with brown as its primary color.