29 Red Acrylic Nail Designs You Will Want To Show Off

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Red acrylic nails are essential if you want to achieve a particular look. They can perfectly complete an outfit if done correctly. Well-done red nails can be what stands out about an outfit sometimes, making the overall look amazing.

There are many ways to get a snatched, classy red nail look. Even though you can do numerous nail designs to complete your overall look, red nails never get old. It is a versatile color to use on nails. To find the best one for yourself, we have talked about red acrylic nail designs you can try.

1. Long Square Nails With Pinky Stiletto


The pinky finger is shaped like a stiletto in this nail look, while the others are squares. This one would suit a gothic look very much.

2. Retro Red Lines


Nice retro lines on the middle and ring fingernails with the others left plain red can be perfect for summer.

3. Red Dragon


A red dragon figure on the ring finger and half V french tips will make your friends want to copy your nails without asking!

4. Heart Shapes


Heart shapes on the middle of your nails in a pink undertone nude color would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

5. Glossy Almond Nail


Glossy red color on almond-shaped nails is a fairly common yet one of the most beautiful red acrylic nail designs.

6. Red Rhinestone


If you want a little glam style but don’t want to fill your nails with stones, you can add a red rhinestone on your ring finger and paint it a nude color.

7. Classic Long Almond Red Nails


A classic, attractive, long almond red nail look appears to be men’s favorite!

8. Artsy Black Lines Right On The Middle


This is a perfect example of how adding simple figures such as a straight black line can make a great nail look.

9. Different Figures On Each Nail


Youthful-looking little heart and star designs and a red lip is a look that stands out among red acrylic nail designs.

10. Empty Heart Shape


The combination of the red french tips and a filled and empty heart shape design is gorgeous.

11. Leafy Branch Design On Short Red Nails


Charming design with a leafy branch figure which looks good on short nails.

12. Dark French Manicure On Two Sides


An excellent example of how a simple nail design can look very stylish.

13. Fun Red French Tips


This can also be an excellent look for summertime with the cute little blue designs and red french tips.

14. Red Branch Design On Matte Black


This red branch design on matte black nails is perfect if you want a unique look.

15. Splashed Red Nails With A Strawberry Figure


A strawberry design with nail polish would be a great combination with splashed red nail look.

16. Heart-Shaped French Tips


Perfect for those who can’t give up french tips but want a little change.

17. Abstract Design Stilettos


An abstract combination of red and black, one of the most stylish red acrylic nail designs.

18. Bold Retro Lines


Bold versions of the retro red lines look great on square nails.

19. Fire Design With Outer White Lines


If you feel a little edgy, this fire design can be the look you are searching for.

20. Betty Boop


Adding your favorite cartoon character to one of your fingers can be an excellent red nail design idea.

21. Cow Design


Painting two of your fingers with a cow design can be a fun red nail look.

22. Red Zebra Design On Nude Shade


If you want to keep your nails short but fun simultaneously, this red zebra design is just for you!

23. Shimmery Gold, White, Pink, and Red Combo


Gold, white, pink, and red perfectly matches colors to use together. And this one is among very stylish red acrylic nail designs.

24. Pink Swirls


Red french tips with pink swirls are also a great combo to wear on short nails.

25. Short Almonds


A half-black line with french side tips and full red nails.

26. Soft Heart Shape


Are you tired of classic all-red nails? Try this one out with a bit of heart shape and lines.

27. Glamorous Cut-Out Nails


You can look at this long cut-out look if you want fancy nails.

28. Peachy Tones


As you can see, red and peachy tones look very well together.

29. Fancy Red Stones 


Using lots of red stones on nude nails is another way to wear red nails.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty easy to incorporate red into nail designs and create wonderful red acrylic nail designs. You can pick beautiful designs by looking at the options we have brought together for you. Then you can apply it to complete your look.