30 Cute White Nail Designs To Make Your Hands Look More Elegant

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Are you looking for an elegant and sophisticated nail design? Then you’ll love these cute white nail designs! Whether you’re looking for something simple and chic or something a little more flashy, there’s sure to be a design here that’s perfect for you. And the best part is that these designs are all relatively easy to achieve, so you can get the look you want without spending hours at the salon.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check out these gorgeous white nail designs!

1. White And Gold Swirls 

White and gold swirls in a nude shade look very nice on short almond nails.


2. White French Tip And Swirls

The elegance of classic french tips and the fun of white swirls are a great combo together.


3. Cloudy White French Tips

This is a fantastic way to add classic white french tips and a little fun.


4. Long Almond White Nails With Elegant Stones

Adding elegant stones to your long white nails will draw all the attention to your nails.


5. Wavy Whites

You can get creative with this one and shape the white waves in whatever way you want.


6. White And Pink Combo

If you want a quick white nail look but don’t want to paint your nails all white, this look can be what you are looking for.


7. Chic White Swirls On Almond Nails

We saw swirls everywhere last summer for a reason. Because they are gorgeous. And this is a great way to combine them with nude almond nails.


8. Butterfly Design

Adding colorful butterflies on long french white tips can be a great look for spring and summer.


9. Silver Glitter On All White Nails

If you want to add a little shine to your cute white nails without compromising their simplicity, you can use some silver glitter on one of your nails. 


10. Real Flowers On Long Square White Nails

You can use real flowers to make a cute design on your long white nails, making them even more attractive.


11. Basic White French Tips

This is an effortless yet stylish french tip look that would suit anyone.


12. Empty White French Tips

A different look than classic french tips looking very well with nude pink color.


13. Black And White Nails

Black and white always look perfect together.


14. White Lace Design On Pink Nude Shade

A white lace design in pink nude color will make your nails look more elegant.


15. White And Black French Tips

This is another way to combine black and white together. You can add little heart designs to make them cuter.


16. Swirls On Purple Undertone Color

White swirls and a purple-ish shade on square-shaped nails are a great look for long nail lovers.


17. French Tips And All-White Combo

Why not wear a classic all-white look and french tips together simultaneously? As you can see, they look exquisite together.


18. Cute Flowers

Anyone can easily do this effortless yet cute look at home. 


19. V French Tips And Gold

If you want to combine gold and white but don’t know how to draw a gold line on your V french tip.


20. Almond White With Black And Pink Lines

You can get a french tip look on almond all-white nails using thin black and pink lines.


21. Shimmery Gold And White

You can go with this style if you want something simple yet glamorous.


22. French Tips On Leopard Design

Leopard and the white french tips can be your next favorite design easily.


23. White Ombre

Nude pink fading into white is always the best look for those who are looking for an elegant design.


24. Long Square Dirty White

A simple dirty white look on a long square nail looks gorgeous.


25. Stiletto Design

Can’t give up stiletto nails but looking for a different, stylish design? Take a look at this one.


26. White Flower French Tips

Making a french tip using a white flower design is a fantastic choice for almond nude nails.


27. French Tips With Little Moon Stone

Using a single white stone on the little moon part of your nails can look fashionable with classic french tips.


28. Fresh French Tips With A White Heart

Like we said before, little designs always add a fantastic vibe to french tips.


29. Classic Long Almond French Tips

Looking for a safe choice that you know will look chic? Go with this one!


30. Short Square All White Look

This simple and elegant all-white look looks perfect with any nail shape, including short square nails.


31. Classic All White Almonds

A classic look on almond nails for all-white lovers.


Final Words

White nails can be quite usual, but they offer an elegant look nonetheless. Also, you can find many designs that have a unique look as well. So with these thirty beautiful designs, we have shown here, you can create an elegant and attractive look.