30 Butterfly Nail Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like A Real Goddess

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

If you want to add a little shimmer to your nails to make them look cute, butterfly design is always a great idea. Because there are so many ways to use butterfly design on nails. You can make the butterfly design the main deal or you can add a tiny one to make the perfect butterfly nails. Take a look at this list to choose the best butterfly nails for yourself.

Cartoon Butterfly

If you want something cute and colorful, try out this one.


Pistachio Green French Tips

French tips with the color pistachio green on long square nails looks amazing.


Long Cut Out Butterfly Design

Using butterfly figures on cut out nails can make your nails look gorgeous.


Baby Blue French Tips

Pink and orange butterflies looks amazing on baby blue French tips.


Pink Butterfly

You can use nail stones on your pink butterfly nails to add a little spice.


Red Butterfly

This on has a cute butterfly design on red accent nails.


Gold Butterfly

Gold butterfly design and long square pink nude works really well together.


Neon Pink French Tips

Since neon pink french tips are already very noticable in this one, a white simple butterfly design looks charming on them.


Lilac Butterflies

Lilac is always the cutest color to combine with butterfly nails.


Accent Pink Butterfly

If you don’t want to paint all your nails the same color, a simple butterfly design can be what you are looking for.


Silver Butterfly Stone

A silver colored butterfly stone looks great on this one.


Red French Tips With A White Butterfly

French tips don’t always have to be plain white. As you can see, the red french tips are a great look with the white butterfly design.


Blue Butterfly

Blue butterflies can be a good idea if you want to add some color on your plain pink nails.


Rainbow Butterflies On Simple French Tips

You can use any color you want on these rainbow butterflies to add on your French tips.


Plain White And Blue Butterfly

Another very cool way to wear accent nails.


Butterfly Details On Short Cut Nails

Butterflies can look amazing on short nails too as ou can see in this one.


Yellow French Tips

The combination of yellow french tips and the butterfly figure is an amazing one to wear especially in summertime.


Dark Blue Butterflies

Dark blue butterflies and natural nail combo.


Gold Butterfly 

In this one the ombre detail on the pinky fingernail and the gold butterfly makes these long nails look very cute.


Short French Tips With A Cute Butterfly 

Butterfly details can look very cute with short french tips.


Purple French Tips

Purple french tips and butterflies look very bright together.


Red Butterfly French Tips

Have you ever thought about making your french tips with the butterfly design itself? If you haven’t you can take a look at this one to see how creative they look.


Stiletto Black Butterfly

Butterfly designs don’t always have to be bubbly. These black stiletto and the butterfly combo definitely gives mysterious witchy vibes.


Butterfly And Leafy Branch Design

Adding a leafy branch details on your butterfly design can help you make your butterfly nails even cuter.


Fancy Butterfly Nails

This one is for those who are looking for a fancy butterfly design.


Colorful Short Almond Butterflies

Besides the gorgeous colors, black French tips with the butterfly design is also a very creative way to make butterfly nails.


Extra Long Square Nails

Silver butterfly details on these extra long square shaped nails would be a perfect look for long nail lovers.


Ombre Rainbow Butterfly Nails

Tiny butterfly details compliment very well to colorful ombre fade.


Pink And Blue Ombre Butterfly

Pink fading into the sweet blue color looks amazing with the butterfly design.


Butterfly Details On Simple French Tips

This is another way to combine french tips with the butterfly design in a perfect way.


Final Words

As you can see, butterflies are one of the cutest designs to make your nails gorgeous. And you can always get creative and make little changes on them to make them fit your liking and personality. So with butterfly nails you can create the unique and beautiful look that you want.