30 Orange Nail Ideas to Make a Statement

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Orange is a hue that you may wear in every season, event, or setting. Orange looks well on a variety of complexion tones, particularly those with a warmer tone. You can always be guaranteed that your orange-colored nails will look fabulous.

Orange also looks great with a variety of other hues. Glossy, matte finishes or gels can be used to further customize the look. All of these can be worn with a variety of nail lengths and shapes.

If you’re stumped as to what orange manicure design to go with, we’ve compiled a list of 30 Orange Nail Ideas to Make a Statement. Go ahead and check these out!

Orange and Swirls

This bright swirly manicure is going to be the talk of the party and that’s for sure! 


Long Bright Orange Nails

Allow your nails to do the talking with this bright, electrifying shade. Now it’s time to show off that manicure!


Orange Leopard Print

Feeling a little adventurous? Go and try out this stunning orange leopard nail design! With the accent nail being this gorgeous animal print, paint one of the nails with plain white and the rest of the nails orange for an added flair!


Crescent Orange Nails

How nice would it be if we see the moon in this eye-catching shade, right? İf you are a minimalist but also want to have stunning nails, try this nail design.


French Tip Orange Nails

This French tip trend seems like it will never be out of style. So, we have here a version of it with of course, this beautiful orange shade on square nails.


Orange Diagonal Lines

Take a peek at this manicure adorned with geometrically diagonal lines all through it, all in the shade of the perfect orange!


İce Cream Drip Orange Nails

Just one glance at this nail design will make you crave for an ice cream at once! The surreal combination of teal and orange elevates this look to another level!


Floral Orange

A minimalist approach to the floral nail design trend, this look seems very demure and at the same time stunning with the incorporation of the vivid orange color.


Blue and Orange

Here’s another color combination that gives off a very soft vibe to it. With the unique pattern and the exuberant orange hue, this look shouldn’t be skipped when looking for options.


Stripes and Dots

This look has an ecstatic array of shapes and design which all looks gorgeous above the orange-colored base.


Orange with Silver

This design has bright orange combined with classic silver, so what more are you looking for?


Orange with Glitter Base

Have a blow out with this magical orange nails with half of it covered in majestic glitters. Perfect for all nail lengths!


Gold Thunder Orange

Want to give off a strong yet sexy vibe? Then this nail design is for you! The addition of gold thunder to the already fabulous orange manicure base indeed makes the look a lot sexier.


Polka Dots

Hold up, this is not a ladybug! These are polka dots-covered nails that is really striking in appearance!


Orange Butterfly Nail Design

Butterfly nail art is so beautiful and stylish look that you can wear. Rhinestones are also used on some nails, and it just makes the whole look a lot more prettier!


Orange Outlined French Nail

This nail design is a very sassy take on the classic French tip rave. İt just highlights the orange color a lot more thus making it appealing on everyone’s eyes.


Pink and Orange Ombre with Glitter

With a pattern like this, you could very well give your nails a radical makeover. This is a fantastically summertime idea. Add glitter to some of the nails and you’re ready to go!


Sparkly Ombre

Are you a fan of ombre patterns? If that’s the case, you should take a look at this! The nails begin with a nude shade before transitioning to a light sparkly orange tone. This is such a lovely concept that would suit every woman!


Mix and Match Orange

You’re going to need a tad of freehand skills for this look. Also, don’t limit yourself to the designs shown here in the picture. Freehand draw other designs that you would like on a bed of orange nails!


Fiery Orange

Flames appear to be highly popular, and we’ll show you another scorching design next. The flames are fashionable and make a statement. İnclude the orange hue to the equation and it’s gonna blow your mind!


V French Nails

The orange color, the glittery outline and the V-shaped tips all contribute to a one-of-a-kind nail design. The orange tips are really fashionable, and they allow you to wear a vivid hue without going overboard.


Tropical Orange Nail Design

If you’re searching for a lovely summer nail design, look no further. If that’s the case, this could be ideal for you. This is an orange-colored manicure and the accent nail is decorated with colorful plants and flowers, exuding a tropical vibe!


Two-toned Square Orange Nails

This two-tiered manicure design is one for the bold and adventurous. You just can’t help but to glance in awe at this stunning nail design!


Orange and Gold Chic Nail Design

This following design is for those who prefer more elegant nail art. There’s a burst of gold glitter and chic swirls, and the hue is a vibrant orange. It’s a highly artistic and imaginative look.


Lava Orange

The very next nail design we’ll show you is striking, one-of-a-kind, and fascinating. The lava design is such a bold and eye-catching aesthetic. You’re just a decent blending job away from this look so what are you waiting for?


Half and Half Orange Design

This look is for all the women who can’t make up their minds. When it comes to picking between two nail colors, sometimes not choosing is the best option. Make use of both! In this example, a nude color is also used in the design.


Soft Ombre Orange Nail Design

Indulge your fingertips with a stylish tap. The moment you see an orange nail design like this, everyone will look twice. The addition of the glittering stripe along the accent nail simply completes the appearance.


Orange Nails with Ornaments

Isn’t this orange nail design amazing? It’s for all the classy and stylish ladies out there who adore all the nail fab. The rhinestones and orange combination work together to create an out-of-this-world look. This polish is a sure-fire technique to get people’s attention.


Pastel Orange with Gold Sparkles

This is the way to go if your nails have been looking dull and need a total makeover. It’s composed of a muted pastel orange and glitter, which is something we all want! Adorn the accent nails with glitter and the rest of the nails a light orange and be the life of the party! 


Glitter Orange Nails

This next nail design is very adorable! The accent nail has lovely glitters on it. We adore this design since it is both trendy and eye-catching. This is also suitable for any work environment or social setting.


We hope you enjoy these bright orange nails and are motivated to try the bold color. İnform us when you try these fabulous designs!