30 Gold Nail Designs To Make Your Hands Spark

Written by: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao

Nothing says luxury quite like gold nails. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or dramatic, these gold nail designs will have your hands looking their best. There’s a design for everyone, from classic gold foil to modern geometric shapes.

So if you’re ready to add a little bit of luxury to your life, scroll down and check out these fantastic gold nail designs.

1. Gold Flake French Tips

French tips made with gold color flakes on short square nails.


2. Gold Flake French Tips On Black Nails

Gold flake French tips on a bright black shade.


3. White And Gold Swirls

Simple white and gold swirls on a pink nude shade.


4. Gold Chrome Star Designs

Gold chrome star designs with a milky pink shade on short almond nails. 


5. White Dots And Gold Stars

White dots and little gold starts on medium almond nails.


6. Moon And Sun Designs With Baby Blue

Moon, sun, and star designs with the cutest baby blue shade on medium almond nails.


7. Green Marble And Gold Design

In this one, you can see a half V French tip and gold flakes in a nude shade.


8. Metallic Gold And Nude Pink

A combination of the chicest nude color and metallic gold.


9. Edgy Gold French Tips

A very cool French tips design made with a gold shade.


10. Gold And White V French Tips

V French tips are made with gold and white colors and an accent nail with a gold swirl.


11. Rising Sun Design 

Rising sun design with a nude pink shade on medium almond nails.


12. Gold Gems

Gold gems on an elegant nude pink color.


13. Beautiful Eye Design

A stunning eye design combined with glittery gold and nude shade.


14. Simple Gold French Tips

Gold French tips on short square nails.


15. Angled Gold

This is one of the chicest and simple designs for gold nails


16. Gold Line Design

A chic gold line separates pink and baby blue colors.


17. Black And Gold Line

A half gold and half black line design.


18. Gold Fire And Star Designs

This combination of the gold star and fire designs with the white french tips on stiletto nails looks gorgeous.


19. White, Gold, And Red Gems

White, gold, and red nail gems on medium almond nails.


20. Matte Red And Gold

Matte red with gold flakes and gems.


21. Elegant Gold Designs on Nude Nail

If you want a sleek gold nail design, you should go with this one.


22. Glitter Gold Lines

Glitter gold line design on long square nails.


23. Gold Hearts On Medium Almond Nails

When it comes to gold nails, simple designs like this gold heart one can always be a very safe and chic choice.


24. Simple Gold Design On Long Stiletto Nails

Long nails can look very simple and chic, as seen in this one.


25. Milky White And Gold

Elegant gold design with a milky white color on long square nails.


26. Ombre Gold

A gold ombre with pink fading into glittery gold.


27. Matte Gold Nails

These matte gold nails look gorgeous and can be an excellent choice for a girl’s night out.


28. Red And Gold Stars

Bright red color and gold star designs on very long square nails.


29. Accent Gold And Brown Nails

A nude brown shade with an accent glittery gold nail.


30. Nude Pink And Gold Combo On Long Stiletto Nails

A fancy combination of nude pink shade and gold. Gold French tip is a small but chic detail, too.


Final Words

You can find many elegant and gorgeous gold nails in this list. You can pick one suitable for your style and show it to your nail artist to have sparkling gold nails. Moreover, you can do some of these nail designs at home since there are some easy ones to make.